1984 First Internationa Exhibition of small Sculpture, Castellanza, Milan, Italy
1982 Sculpture at the "Versigliana", Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy
1981 Palazzo Comunale, Savona, Italy
1980 Palazzo Comunale, Savona, Italy
1978 17th Outdoors Exhibition of Sculpture, Modern Art Museum Pagani Foundation, Milan
1977 Modern Art Gallery "Studio A", Milan, Italy
1977 "Joan Mirņ" Foundation 16th International Prize of Dibuix Joan Mirņ, Barcellona, Spain
1977 "San Marco" Gallery Exhibit of Latin American Artists, Rome
1976 "La Pigna" Gallery Sixth Exhibition of Painters of the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome
1976 Fourth Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, UCSEI
1976 The International Biennale of Art, Pontevedra, Spain
1976 S.C. Savings of Navarra with the patronage of the Joan Mirņ Foundation of Barcellona, Spain
1976 "Joan Mirņ" Foundation 15th International Prize of Dibuix Joan Mirņ, Barcellona, Spain
1973 "Goodyear" Showroom Peruvian North-American Cultural Institute, Lima, Peru
1972 "Five young painters" Bosch Art Gallery, Lima, Peru
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